Gabriel Thibodeau is an actor, writer, and intellectual teddy bear. He's the funny fat friend, the guy who dies first in the horror movie, and the techie who labels his work burrito. Gabriel creates his own content, has completed two levels at the Groundlings, and is an ongoing student with Lesly Kahn.

Some fun facts about Gabriel: Studied children’s lit at UC Berkeley and develops products for kids; all toy purchases are tax write-offs. Go-to date night: a Star Wars Lego set and Grey’s Anatomy. Reorganizes his books on weekends. Allergic to chocolate but doesn’t want your pity. Yes, he can build/fix/install that thing, but he’s probably busy watching Jurassic Park again. Devout member of the church of Tina Fey.

For more information about Gabriel's writing, visit the aptly named "Writing" page.