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Two bounty-hunting brothers – gentle, other-worldly Jeshua, and prosaic, traumatized Ezra – drag a dead body through a desert wasteland. A quest drives the men through a sun-beaten landscape marred by acts of lawless violence, but they nevertheless pass the time with a game of “twenty questions.” As the clock runs out for Jeshua’s final guess, the showdown with their mark commences.

Bullets fly. Blood flows. Shia LaBeouf is discussed.


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LOLA KELLY - Director

Lola brings a multihyphenate’s perspective to directing that allows her to see all the moving parts with a passion for making them all come together to tell a story.

Lola has an MA in Text Analysis and Performance Studies from RADA/King’s College with an emphasis on directing. She has won Best Short Film at Myst Fest and the 5 for 50 Festival.

She has been directing theatre, music videos, short films, commercials and content for the last ten years and is set to direct her first feature later this year.

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Chris moved to Los Angeles from London in 2015. As an actor, his work includes credits at The Old Vic Theatre, the BBC Radio Drama Company, and numerous British TV drama series. He made both his US television and film debut last year, in AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies and American Assassin, respectively. He is also an upcoming principal in the Verizon web series Relationship Status.

Chris has written various plays, including Nuptials, a twenty-four-hour play created for the resident company at The White Bear Theatre (London), Solider of Thebes, a one-man, one-act monologue performed for The Unseen Hour podcast, and L.A. Blue, which he has also adapted for television.

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Gabriel tells stories and plays pretend. He studied English and creative writing at UC Berkeley, and has spent close to ten years as a producer and creative director for a range of multimedia projects, including work in film, print, new media, live events, and animation.

As a writer, Gabriel is the author of various published works of fiction and multiple scripts written for both television and film. He is also the co- creator of an in-production new media series.

On any given day, you can find him at a movie theater, toy store, library, or jelly bean confectionary.



Twenty Questions (14 min) is currently on submission at various festivals. For preview, screening, and release information, please reach out to producer Gabriel Thibodeau using the "Contact" page.